9 Apps Every College Student Should Download Today

GU_College-Success-Tips_0215_BestAppsRemember the days when phones were used for calling people, doing research meant checking out library books and the hashtag symbol was just a pound sign?

Times have changed, and keeping up with the latest technology can be overwhelming. Both Apple and Android offer so many apps, it can be hard to decide which apps appear the most appealing and applicable to our apparent interests.

All puns aside, here is a list of nine apps every college student should download today.

1.  Evernote

This is quite possibly the best advancement in note-taking since the mechanical pencil. But notes are only the beginning with Evernote.

From recording lectures and uploading photos to keeping a daily planner and marking up PDF files, Evernote will do almost anything you can think of to increase your productivity in school. Well, except maybe attend class for you.

2.  Dropbox

Losing an assignment because of a computer crash might not be a valid excuse anymore.

With apps like Dropbox, students can store their schoolwork in one cloud-based, centralized location and access it wherever there is internet. The service also allows peer-to-peer file sharing and can hold up to 2GB worth of data for free.

3.  Wunderlist

As the name implies, Wunderlist is an app that helps you organize your to-do lists and add due dates, reminder notifications and more. It currently serves millions of people around the world, keeping track of everything from their smallest to-do lists to their biggest vacation plans.

It syncs between your phone, tablet and computer and acts as a virtual personal assistant that reminds you of your schedule.

4.  TED

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get smarter is to listen to really smart people. Enter TED Talks, a collection of presentations given by very intelligent, creative and successful people for the benefit of others.

You can listen to TED Talks while you’re walking to and from class and then impress your friends by quoting something you learned.

5.  Wi-Fi Finder

For students who prefer to study off campus, finding locations around town with internet hotspots can be a pain. Smart phones are limited in that they typically can only scan for Wi-Fi access within the current vicinity.

The Wi-Fi Finder takes out all the guesswork and finds hotspots for you to do your homework wherever you want to go.

6.  Saviry

This app is what cutting coupons looks like in the digital age. From electronics to clothing items, users vote on the best deals and can also follow their friends to see what deals they like. 

A money-saving app like this can be extremely beneficial for students whose budget consists of rent, food and the occasional night out.

7.  MyFitnessPal

Walking on campus is rarely enough exercise for most college students, and fast food calories can add up quickly.

By simply scanning the barcode of the food you’re eating or entering it into the search bar, MyFitnessPal gives you the nutritional value for that meal. With over 1.5 million foods and 350 exercises, you’re sure to reach your health and fitness goals in a matter of weeks or months.

8.  Groupon

Speaking of food, Groupon offers great deals on restaurants, events and spas in over 500 cities. Just input your location and watch the deals come pouring in. Finding a good deal can cut the price of date night in half, regardless of the activity.

Groupon also keeps a database of regular coupons that are so good, they’ll make you want to go on a shopping spree.

9.  RefMe

By the time you’re finishing up a research paper, you’ll probably need to do a citation page.

RefMe is the solution to all your citation needs, offering APA, Chicago and Harvard citation styles. Scan the barcode of your reading material and let the app do the work for you. Students who graduated even just a few years ago are envious of this kind of technology, so enjoy it!