9 Free Resources for College Students

As a college student, you’ve already made education a top pGU_DGT_College-Success-Free Resourceriority in your life. You know the value of a college degree, and you’ve made sacrifices to attend school either on campus or online. But why stop there?

Education should be a lifelong pursuit, not a means to an end. Knowledge is power, and these days, supplementing your college education with free online resources will put you ahead of the curve. You just have to know where to look.

Here are nine free resources for college students.

1.  Coursera

Partnering with 114 top universities from around the world, Coursera provides its 10 million users with a wide range of free online courses. You can watch video lectures, connect with other students or instructors, and complete peer-graded assessments to solidify what you have learned.

Even if you already have a college degree, it’s never too late to expand your knowledge and upgrade your resume.

2.  OEDb

OEDb, which stands for Open Education Database, offers a comprehensive collection of college rankings as well as a variety of free online courses. Browse its website to find thousands of free lectures and full courses across a range of subjects, including business, health, education, computer science and more.


This global online learning community focuses on empowering users with the knowledge and skills needed to advance in their careers. With five million users, it offers categories in finance, business, health, languages, personal development and more.

Graduates of ALISON’s courses have even stated that the website helped them get a college placement, a promotion or a new job.

4.  Khan Academy

Khan Academy prides itself on being a “personalized learning resource for all ages.” Chock-full of instructional videos and practice exercises (over 100,000 of them, to be exact), it lets users study a variety of topics at their own pace, including math, science, economics, finance, arts and humanities, and computing.

Millions of students from around the world are learning for free with Khan Academy, since its learning materials are translated into nearly 40 different languages.

5.  edX

EdX strives to provide the highest quality education to anyone who wants it. Its open source platform gives users access to over 300 free courses from top professors and universities, on topics such as biology, chemistry, electronics, engineering, nutrition, literature, philosophy and more.

The website is also an interactive community, allowing users to meet fellow classmates who are also enrolled in the free online courses.

6.  Academic Earth

Much like the websites discussed above, Academic Earth wants to bring the amazing world of academia to those who love learning. Its free courses cover a broad range of subjects, from accounting and management to physics and marketing.

Whether you want to add more skills to your resume or you simply want to learn more about a certain topic, Academic Earth has got you covered.

7.  Open2Study

Open2Study offers 49 free courses to choose from, each one lasting four weeks. Courses include videos, reading materials and assessments to help you measure your progress. You can even invite friends to take courses with you.

The community team posts questions and discussion topics on the classroom forum that encourages engagement among fellow users.

8.  Open Culture

Founded in 2006, Open Culture collects and shares free resources from all over the internet. Its mission is to “bring together high quality cultural and educational media for the worldwide lifelong learning community.”

Some of its major collections of education media include audiobooks, eBooks, movies and online courses. You can even take free language lessons.

9.  LearnVest

Everyone needs to know how to handle money, and this site helps people do just that. Whether you want financial tips for your professional or personal life, this site offers free classes on topics such as budgeting, buying a home, insurance and investing.

The video lectures also include accompanying worksheets that help you review what you’ve learned.