April Veteran of the Month

Brock Hunter, Veteran of the MonthGlobe University and Minnesota School of Business are proud to partner with WCCO radio to honor our April Veteran of the Month, Brock Hunter.  Brock Hunter served as a recon scout for the Army from 1987-1991 and is now an attorney in Minneapolis.  His military career had a big impact on the choices he has subsequently made.  Brock took the things he learned from his military experience into college and then law school and now into his law practice.

Brock Hunter has made representing psychologically injured Iraq and Afghan war veterans who find themselves in the criminal justice system a focus of his law practice.  Brock has also advocated for reforms in the way that the justice system deals with troubled veterans.  Brock helped draft and lead passage of Minnesota’s Veterans Sentencing Mitigation Act.  This legislation was cited in the U.S. Supreme Court case, Porter v. McCollum, 130 S. Ct. 447, at 455, n.9 (2009), the Court’s first to address combat trauma in criminal sentencing.

Brock has since helped to pass similar legislation in other states.  He has briefed the Obama Presidential Transition Team, and spoken to the leadership of the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, on better ways to address troubled veterans who commit crimes.  Brock has been instrumental in training attorneys, judges, law enforcement officers, and mental health professionals across the country on these issues. Brock is also the lead editor and co-author of a book, The Attorney’s Guide to Defending Veterans in Criminal Court (see http://veteransdefenseproject.org/ for more information).

Thank you Brock for all that you do.