Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The American Cancer Society estimates that 234,190 new cases of breast cancer will occur in the US in 2015. While this figure might not sound promising, it is important to recognize that the breast cancer mortality rate has steadily decreased since 1989. This has been due to advances in treatment and early detection efforts.

Breast Cancer Awareness month represents a chance to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of its early detection. The more individuals get involved, the more we can move towards making a difference. And luckily, there are plenty of ways to be prepared and help raise awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Tips

Eat Out

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, many eating establishments help out by donating a portion of proceeds to the fight against breast cancer. Usually, these establishments advertise their efforts online, so doing a little research before heading out for a bite can really help make a difference.


Making a purchase or donating money is not the only way to help. There are many opportunities to volunteer with numerous organizations that set up events to spread awareness. You can do anything from volunteering at races, local events, fundraisers, or simply sharing personal stories.

Know the Facts

Given the estimated number of people who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, one of the best ways to support the cause is to understand the illness. Learn the basic facts, statistics, warning signs, and treatment by visiting websites like the National Breast Cancer Foundation or Stopping by information booths at awareness events is another great way to get educated.

Take Care of Yourself

Consult with your doctor and learn how to give yourself a breast self-exam—taking steps to reduce your own risk of breast cancer is part of fighting the disease. Talk with your doctor about your risk, and take the steps needed to decrease your risks and improve your health. You can also talk to your loved ones about breast cancer and share information about any family medical history. Encourage family members to do breast self-exams as well.


With the Internet at your fingertips, creating your own fundraising page is a no brainer. You can start a fundraiser honoring a survivor, loved one, or to help people still battling cancer. You can start fundraising through this link—create an account, start a team or join one, and get others involved!

Wear Pink

Wearing pink is a simple and fun way to support breast cancer awareness. Pink is everywhere during this month and it’s a universal symbol for awareness. So wear pink whenever possible and show your support for victims and survivors of breast cancer. Breast cancer products come in all forms—hats, bags, workout gear, and even yogurt containers come in pink in October, so showing you care is easy and convenient.

These are just a few ways to help raise awareness for breast cancer awareness month. There are many other ways to make a difference; you just have to think outside the box.