We Care Award Allows High School Students to Connect, Bond at Wisdom Retreat

photoHundreds of East Ridge High School seniors packed the gym on the morning of Wednesday, April 16, 2014, to take part in a Youth Frontiers Wisdom Retreat – the largest group Youth Frontiers has ever hosted. Globe University and Minnesota School of Business sponsors retreats like this in our campus communities with the We Care scholarship each year, which is awarded to schools who want to provide character education to students in a fun and engaging way.

Upbeat music blared from the speakers as the students filed into the gym, found their nametags and began mingling. The three Youth Frontiers leaders started with some ice breakers, encouraging the students to high-five their neighbors and challenge each other to a round of paper-rock-scissors.

The energetic retreat leaders used humor to engage the students, even poking light fun at some of them.

“You guys are graduating and you can’t even form a circle?” jokes Retreat Director Todd, as he leads the students in an action partner-based game of Birdie on a Perch.

The interactive games are a way to build stronger relationships among students who normally wouldn’t interact with each other. The Wisdom Retreat allows high school seniors to graduate with closure, gives them a chance say goodbye to each other and inspires them to finish the school year in a respectful and caring manner.

After the initial activities, the seniors listened to a large group presentation, followed by small-group discussions on the concept of wisdom. Finally, the students took some time to journal and reflect on the topics discussed. The entire group came back together to allow for individual students to share their memories and thank or acknowledge classmates or teachers.

The goal of Youth Frontiers retreats is to break down social barriers and better connect students in order to make school a better place. Aligning with those values, Globe University and Minnesota School of Business believe in building communities through education and promoting the importance of respect among youth. East Ridge High School was one of ten high schools throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin to receive the 2013 We Care Award and a complimentary retreat.

“Globe University and Minnesota School of Business have been sponsoring Youth Frontiers retreats for the past six years, and have funded more than 61 retreats for more than 7,500 students in our campus communities,” said Mindy Myhre, director of community service and charitable giving. “We Care guides everything we do from academics to scholarships to community partnerships to ensure that student needs are always first.”

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