Career Services – All That and a Bag of Popcorn!

by Nicole Wisser and Julie Anderson, Globe University-Wausau Career Services

career services, job placement, Globe University Career Services at Globe University-Wausau goes above and beyond to help their students get jobs. We don’t just sit around and wait for employers to come to us, we go to the employers!

Each and every month, someone from our Career Services staff presents “candidates of the month” at the local Chamber of Commerce breakfast. During this time, we hand out copies of our graduates’ resumes to every employer present, as well as give the audience a quick synopsis on each candidate and their strengths.

You see, at Globe University-Wausau we truly do believe that the better we get to know our graduates, the easier it is to promote them and field questions about them at networking events.

Oh, but this is not all we do! We also bring employers directly onto the campus. The forum varies, and ranges from job fairs featuring multiple organizations to focusing on individual businesses in an event we like to call “Spotlight on the Employer.”

career services, job placement, Globe UniversityOnce we have secured a date and time for that employer, we advertise to current students and contact graduates as well, giving them the first pick of instant interview slots with this employer. Not only does this give the employer a chance to meet our current students, but they have a chance to sit down individually with our graduates and interview them on the spot.

Another unique offering by Career Services in Wausau is Popcorn Wednesday! Every Wednesday in Career Services, we offer free popcorn in celebration of our placed graduates! Along the windows of the two career services offices, we have displayed colored popcorn kernels which showcase the names of our graduates who have gotten jobs within their career fields, as well as their place of employment.

In the Career Services department at Globe University in Wausau, Wisconsin, we truly do care about our fellow staff and faculty, students, and graduates.