Deanna Rego Selected as Faculty of the Year at Globe Madison East

Deanna Rego can understand things from many angles. This medical assistant program chair and now the faculty member of the year at Globe University-Madison East has come full circle in her journey as a student, mentor, instructor and now program chair. At one point while she was working as a certified medical assistant for Dean Medical-Oregon clinic, she even mentored some Globe students during their externship.

Deanna Regosmall

She is also a graduate from Globe University’s medical assistant program and holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Upper Iowa University-Madison Campus.

Her story begins when she started teaching part-time as an adjunct at Globe University in 2013 and eventually was promoted to a full-time instructor role. Then in September 2015, she earned another promotion taking on the role of medical assistant program chair.

“I can truly say that I love what I do. It is very rewarding to assist students in meeting their goal of becoming a medical assistant. These women and men will help care for each of us and our families in the future so I will do everything in my power to make sure that they are the best at what they do,” Deanna Rego said.

If you ask any of one of her students they would tell you that she is full of advice. But the best advice she gives is to commit themselves to their goal and work hard to meet that goal. Rego believes commitment and hard work is the secret to success.

“I look up to and admire my coworkers at Globe University-East Madison campus every day. The commitment and dedication each of them display in helping our students is admirable,” Rego shares.

If she could meet anyone it would be Jeff Probst, the host of reality TV show, Survivor as she is a Survivor junky and finds him good looking. When she is not working, she spends her time with her two teenagers who keep her laughing every day. Zane is a full-time graphic design student and Alayna is a freshman in high school. Deanna also loves to read, work in her yard and redecorate her house.

“Deanna has a positive attitude daily. She is passionate about keeping her students in school and setting high expectations for the students so when they graduate they are ready to be medical assistants. She is awesome and we are lucky to have her as a program chair and instructor, “  Robin Rinehart, associate dean said.

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