Dear Mom and Dad

Mom, Dad, you may want to sit down before you read this. I know it will be a shock but I don’t want to be an accountant like you, Mom. And Dad, I love computers but I don’t want to fix them or program them. What I want to do is draw on them. You know how I always like sketching and doodling? Well, my high school art teacher says I can actually make a living as a graphic artist, creating ads, brochures and web pages.

I know it’s not what you had hoped for me but I want to be a graphic designer. And I can actually learn how at a school not far from home. Globe University/Minnesota School of Business (what? A school of business? yeah, I know!) has a program they call Interactive Media and Graphic Design. They can teach me everything I need to know to be a graphic and web page designer. They have classes in design, color and typography. They also have these awesome computer rooms with these humongus Macintosh computers and all the best software. I’ll learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign (not sure what that is, but they say it’s important) and I’ll learn how to make web sites and put animations on them. They’ll even help me put together a professional portfolio and help me look for a job after I graduate! For the rest of my life!

Mom, Dad, I really want to do this. And I know I can be good at it!