Doug’s Top 5 Search Engines

Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian

Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian

Imagine this; you’ve been working on an assignment for weeks. You researched it wonderfully, getting lots of information from the Globe Library Internet site, used lots of the Globe University Databases, and “Googled” your brains out. Then you found out that someone ran rings around you research-wise!

How did they do it? How did they find things you couldn’t find on Google, the library site, or in the databases? Here’s the answer- they used other search engines! Wait a minute?! There are more search engines than Google? That’s right, and here are my “top five favorites.”

  • Infomine. Why is Infomine #1 on my list of favorite search engines? Simply put, it’s an awesome scholarly research search engine. The search tips are amazing, and it searches the “deep web” You can find things here and on my #2 choice that you simply can’t find anywhere else
  • Complete Planet is next. Searching on Complete Planet will let you access 70,000+ databases that are cloaked and not readily available by using other search engines. You can find lots of cool government and business information by using this search engine.
  • Dogpile. is my next favorite, and here’s why; it’s a “Metasearch” engine. That means that searching Dogpile is like searching lots of search engines at the same time. Combine that with its’ ease of use and you’ll see what I mean. Dogpile saves you time in other ways as well. Since no one likes to search “.com’s” on purpose when doing scholarly research, you will find that you can structure a search on Dogpile and exclude a specific domain, like .com. You can’t do that on Google.
  • is #4 on my list. Why? Well, it also is a Metasearch engine, and if you sometimes start out an Internet search now knowing exactly what you’re looking for, I feel that this is much more user friendly than Google
  • DuckDuckGo is my fifth favorite. Why? It doesn’t do what they call “filter bubbling” you. For instance, it doesn’t rank or exclude results based on your previous searches or what it thinks you would like to see. And second, the name is just fun. Try saying “DuckDuckGo” three times fast without smiling; it’s impossible!

What are your favorite search engines? Tell me about one that I haven’t yet tried, and I will send you a one month supply of Tootsie Rolls! For more tips, stop in to see me at your campus library.

Remember- To paraphrase Groucho Marx “Outside of a dog, your campus library is your best friend, because inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read!” 

~ Submitted by Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian