Employers Use Social Media to Find, Vet Potential Hires

What do your social media accounts say about you? 

More and more employers are looking to social media sites in an effort to recruit and research candidates. It underscores the need to maintain your online profile, showcase yourself and your skills, and demonstrate your value to hiring managers. 

LinkedIn is the No. 1 site where employers look for information on candidates, according to a survey by Jobvite. But hiring managers also look at other social media platforms to determine whether a job seeker will fit within company culture and whether he or she is keeping up with industry trends.

The bottom line: You need to craft a robust online profile and ensure you’re not posting things that could cast you in a bad light and hurt your chances at getting a job.

Whether it’s updating your LinkedIn page, making sure you don’t have compromising posts on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or creating an online portfolio—your web footprint matters.

Looking for tips on how to bolster and maintain your online presence?

See: Companies Use Social Media to Recruit, Vet Potential Employees