Globe Education Network Scholarship Helps Students Reach Their Goals

Figuring out how to finance their college education is something almost all students deal with at one point or another. To make things a little easier for Globe Education Network (GEN) students, the company provides the Globe Education Network Scholarship, which is a $1,000 need-based scholarship for eligible, full-time, undergraduate students. This scholarship is funded by GEN’s community partners and managed by Scholarship America. Students are encouraged to apply, and eight have been selected to receive it this year.


Moriah Prange

For Minnesota School of Business-Elk River massage therapy student Moriah Prange, this scholarship will help fund her dreams.

“In the future, I hope to serve special populations (senior citizens, infants, special needs children, etc.). This scholarship is going to help me pay for tuition so that I can continue to take classes and get the skills I need,” she says. “I am one of five college students in my family, so having this extra help with finances is a blessing.”


Kristen Markstrom

Kristen Markstrom says this scholarship is also a blessing for her.

“I am in the nursing program at the MSB Richfield campus. The bachelor’s of nursing will be my second bachelor’s degree, and therefore I will be headed into the professional realm saddled with quite a bit of student debt,” Kristen explains. “Every bit of help is so appreciated, and with the support of the Globe Education Network scholarship, I can rest a bit easier at night. I am so grateful for the recognition and support of my academic achievement and pursuits.”


Chase Vigen

Globe University-Moorhead business management student Chase Vigen says the scholarship will help him tremendously as well, because he won’t have to take out a loan.

Broadview University-West Jordan veterinary technology student Danielle Adams Eaton says she would like to finish her degree sooner than later, and the Globe Education Network Scholarship will be a big help.


Danielle Eaton

“This scholarship is going to help me, hopefully, finish my degree a little more quickly and just, in general, help me pay for school,” says Danielle.

GEN Scholarship recipient Jessica Theis is currently halfway through the veterinary technology program at the Sioux Falls campus.


Jessica Theis

“The scholarship will help greatly since I decided to not work while in school so that I can focus on my education,” she explains.

Finally, Amanda Podlak, another vet tech student at the Moorhead campus, says the scholarship is taking some of the stress out of school for her, too.


Amanda Podlak

“It will allow me to spend more hours studying, and doing other school-related activities instead of working to pay for school,” says Amanda.

The contributors who made this year’s scholarships possible are Safeguard and Staples Advantage. Globe Education Network is grateful for the support from its community partners. Not only is it important for students to see that their school believes in them, but that many local businesses also want to support their education. With this award, students become eligible for the GEN Matching Scholarship, which matches up to $1,000 of a student’s outside scholarship.

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