Globe Library Offers More Than Just Books

If you think of Globe University as your home, the library would be the living room. It’s inviting, fun and offers a space great for many reasons. Whether you are looking to make new friends, get help with a research paper or color to your heart’s content, the library is home to many.

Globe University campus libraries offer stress relief between classes and programming that enhances and helps students with everything from copier issues to writing papers. Students can also enjoy the tranquil fish tanks at some of the locations.

Globe library, Globe University

Fun stats from 2015.

Stress-free Space

The library has rotating coloring pages available every day, along with colored pencils and markers. Coloring has been proven to relieve stress. Students display their colorful creations in the library.

Fun Programs and Events

Our libraries hold fun events regularly.  Our Globe University – La Crosse library, held a popular event for “National Milk Chocolate Day.”

“I taped milk chocolate facts to mini milk chocolate candy bars. I then gave them away to students who visited the library that day. It was a fun and educational event,” Kim Wroblewski, campus librarian, said.

More than Just Books

We have an extensive DVD collection – both educational and recreational movies – and did we mention these are free? Popular movie titles such as American Sniper, The Lost Word: Jurassic Park, animated movies such as Home and Inside Out. The library offers many educational DVDs that are industry specific, children’s movies and a variety of fun movies that you can lend for free.

A Resource that’s a Hidden Gem

You can read free magazines on your computer or tablet through Zinio. Learn more about it in our guide.

Most Used Resources

Guide: APA Citation Guide


  1. Tools for Team Leadership: Delivering the X-factor in Team Excellence
  2. Adaptability: Responding Effectively to Change (Ideas Into Action Guidebooks)
  3. Public Relations and the Social Web: How to Use Social Media and Wed 2.0 in Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular questions include seeking help with finding resources, followed by computer and technical questions.

The Library’s Mission:

To show We Care by engaging our community in lifelong learning and information literacy.


The Library’s Goals:

Librarians show We Care by:

  • Creating relevant, high-quality library instruction and learning opportunities for the entire college community.
  • Teaching students how to develop the information literacy skills and knowledge necessary for lifelong learning, which leads to their success in school, career and personal life.
  • Informing students, staff members, and faculty members in our community as we organize, develop, and promote our collection.
  • Serving as the hub of academic life on campus, where students, staff, and faculty come to question, study, discuss, explore, and learn.

We look forward to you visiting your local campus library or our online library.