Globe University – Sioux Falls Host Drug and Alcohol Awareness Events on Campus

Globe University-Sioux Falls was proud to participate in Alcohol Awareness Month by hosting some events on campus in April. Events included an impaired driving simulator, “mocktails” in the student lounge, and an informational booth from Face It TOGETHER.

Veterinary Technology student Alexandra Oakley tests the driving simulator for Alcohol Awareness week.

Veterinary Technology student Alexandra Oakley tests the driving simulator for Alcohol Awareness week.

To kick start the festivities, Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls held an informational booth in the student lounge. Face It provides free counseling or coaching services for those who are affected by addition. Their individualized addiction support extends to families, health care providers, employers, and many others in an effort to “reduce barriers and improve support, so more people seek help and get well.” according to a statement on their website. Relying on scientific data combine with unique evaluation methods, Face It strives to ensure better health for addiction sufferers.

Dave Jansa, an addiction coach from Face It Together, was on hand Monday, April 25. Jansa reiterated the organization’s mission to provide free resources and support for those with addiction, including a coach to additionally help them. Face It Together helps hundreds of people in the community every year, and their headquarters is based here in Sioux Falls. Maybe add a direct quote?

In addition to exposing students to helpful resources at the fingertips of all Sioux Falls community members, the Sioux Falls Safety Village dropped off a crash car displayed in the student parking lot all week as well as a distracted driving simulator. Particularly the driving simulator was a hit on campus.

These events were not just for our students – several staff and faculty members also joined in on the fun of the driving simulator.

“It’s important to remember that there is more to drinking and driving than simply blood alcohol level. Aside from intoxication, there are additional factors that distract the driver. Also, I’m a lousy simulator driver, and I medical injured myself and my passengers within 15 seconds. This reminds us that the consequences extend beyond ourselves in these situations,” said Ann Kolbrek, director of student and career services.

It might appear to be all fun and games, but the simulators generate real-life scenarios of the consequences that the driver could potentially face under the circumstances.

“I think the simulators were a great way to help us stop and really think about impaired driving. Yeah it was a fun video game, but it holds so much value in the fact that they were real life situations that can happen to anyone faced with those situations,” said Admissions Representative Morgan Portra.

“I learned about the judicial side of being arrested for a DUI through the driving simulator, which was very eye-opening. It’s great to have events like this on campus due to our demographic. We have quite a few students who are between the ages of 18-22; to know what happens to you once you have been picked up, and the long-term effects it can have on your record, and the cost of everything was very knowledgeable,” said Administrative Assistant Karmin Jensen.

All fun aside, the purpose of the Alcohol Awareness week on campus was to provide resources and information for our students who may not be aware what is available to them. Many people already know the negative effects of alcohol and the consequences of impaired driving – not everyone knows where to find help for themselves or a loved one.

“The driving simulator was very cool. I didn’t realize how much drinking can affect your vision when driving. I just turned 21, so this was a very eye-opening experience for me. It was especially helpful to see the negative consequences of impaired driving” said massage therapy student Satara Atwood.

Thank you to all the students, staff, and faculty that participated in the Alcohol Awareness Week and helped make the events so successful.