Globe University-Sioux Falls Hosts Trunk-or-Treat for Students and Community

Globe University

DECA students at the trunk-or-treat event.

As part of the Halloween festivities, Globe University-Sioux Falls hosted a campus trunk-or-treat event on Thursday, October 30. The event was free and open to the community.

Ten trunks were on display by staff, faculty and students. Trunk decorations varied from a giant vampire mouth to a graveyard complete with skeleton and cobwebs.

Guests were given tickets at the entrance to vote for their favorite trunk. Around 50 guests participated in the event and got a head start on their trick-or-treating.

Globe University

Massage therapy student Jordan Johnson won a prize for his creativity.

A group of seven business students with DECA dressed up as zombies for the event. Business program chair Angela Livingston organized one trunk to be decorated and dressed up with the students. The students painted their faces and wore ripped, white t-shirts, and decorated their trunk like a graveyard.

“It was so much fun handing out candy to the little kids and seeing their Halloween costumes! It’s always a good feeling when you do something for the community, and knowing that the money we raised will go to a great cause!” said Karmin Jensen, administrative assistant, who dressed up as a crazed Green Bay Packers fan, complete with a green and yellow mask and wig.

Massage therapy student Jordan Johnson was the lucky winner of the night. Jordan’s trunk was decorated with an inflatable shark eating a scuba diver, with a blue backdrop and a bubble machine. Students and faculty loved the creativity behind the trunk. He won a gift card to Jimmy John’s for his efforts.

“I think the event had a great turnout for how cold it was,” Jordan said. “It was fun to see all the other trunks and the great costumes from the DECA students. My decoration theme, Jaws, came to me when I realized I wanted something scary but also family-friendly. I tried to hit all the age groups while picking out my decorations, which is how the bubble machine came into play. The music was for the older crowd who have seen the movie.”

This trunk-or-treat was hosted by Globe University-Sioux Falls as part of our United Way Fundraiser campaign. To learn more about United Way in South Dakota, click here.