Globe University-Sioux Falls Opens Student Success Center

Globe University–Sioux Falls’ Education Department is always working hard to bring our students the best academic experience we can. Our students have a variety of needs, from scholarship opportunities to finding a new roommate. Students are also looking to get the best user experience from their iPad, especially ones that are new to Apple products. We want to help our students find answers to their questions and provide easy access to these resources.

The large wall calendar in the Student Success Center

Our education department has developed a new space on campus for our student resources called the Student Success Center. Located in our old bookstore space, the room holds a number of resources for our students. Academic Coordinator Kirsten Palmer holds regular office hours in the Student Success Center in order to interact with students and answer questions.

We have a large wall calendar for students to stay up-to-date on campus activities and events on one wall, with scholarship information hanging on another. Student planners sit on a table between two large chairs, which will be used for student meetings with Kirsten. But by far, the most popular feature of the SSC has been the popcorn. The popcorn machine was moved from the staff break room to the SSC to entice students to come in and see what was new. There have even been numerous requests for popcorn by students and staff alike in the first two weeks!

The Student Success Center will host weekly workshop[s throughout the quarter as well. Director of Admissions Charlie Buehler held an iPad question-and-answer session in week one for our students still receiving their iPad. Charlie was able to provide guidance to our new students on how to set up their student emails and how to download books. Other workshops include reminders of on-campus policies and procedures and social media and email professionalism at school and in the workplace.

The scholarship wall with information for students.

Director of Career Services Ann Kolbreck said, “I think the Student Success Center adds to the many great resources our students have on campus for support. It’s nice that they have all that information readily available to them and Kirsten manning the center to help guide them and find exactly what they are looking for!”

Campus Director Aimee Miritello also said, “We wanted to create a space that a student can find all the steps needed to help them with whatever question they have. The Student Success Center’s purpose is to provide students with the resources they need to be successful, whether in their classes or outside of school.”

We look forward to seeing this space grow and develop over the years. Our students are taking full advantage of having direct access to the education department and are providing suggestions on areas of expansion.