Globe University-Sioux Falls Prepares Students for ACT with PrepMe

Charles Buehler, director of admissions

Written by Charles Buehler, director of admissions

Last fall, Globe University-Sioux Falls began offering the PrepMe ACT prep program to help high school students in the area.

PrepMe is a diagnostic ACT prep program designed and run by Hobsons, an educational solutions company that operates nationwide. The program is designed to not teach students how to simply guess the right answer or “take a test.” Rather, it evaluates their abilities in the four key areas of math, science, reading and writing, and then develops a roadmap tailored to their specific needs.

At the Sioux Falls campus, we believe in the value of the PrepMe program and the ability we have to share it with the high school juniors and seniors in the area. We are also very excited that we have been approved again to offer it this school year.

Last year we had three area schools that were involved and supported 68 students throughout the year with the PrepMe program. It was a modest but successful first year. The most exciting thing was to see the two Sioux Falls High Schools that sent students through the program get so excited about it.

As expected, everyone was cautious and wanted to see how the program worked out for the students. Some feedback that was shared with me after last year was that the students never felt like they were taking tests or doing lessons. Instead, it almost felt more like a game. They were able to choose their own avatar based on their personality or mood, see instant progress reports, and even see how they ranked against others in the program.

We were even surprised to see a high level of activity over the summer from the students that had been working in the program.

So far this year we have more students in the program then we did all of last year. This has been an exciting start to the school year and the program. All Sioux Falls Public High Schools are referring students to the program.

In addition, we have two schools from outside of the Sioux Falls that have signed up to participate. Aside from seeing the students increase their ACT scores significantly, the most exciting thing for us is to have the support of Globe Education Network in offering this program to the students free of charge. This level of engagement and community support illustrates our We Care mission at its finest.

This isn’t about getting something back from those students that participate or the schools that support the program. This is about identifying a need in our community and providing the support that we can to help students raise their ACT scores, qualify for more scholarships and hopefully have an amazing college experience, whether that experience is Globe University-Sioux Falls or elsewhere.

We look forward to hearing the success stories of our students and can’t wait to see the success of the second year of PrepMe here in Sioux Falls!