Globe University-Sioux Falls Project Management Students Propose Community Garden

Globe University – Sioux Falls project management students have an idea – what if our campus created a community garden that students work on as part of their applied learning requirements? And what if that garden was able to produce enough extra food to donate to students and their families, as well as local charities? That’s the idea the students proposed during their final presentation in class on Tuesday, May.

The Project Management students –

Project Management students give their Community Garden presentation in class on Tuesday, May 10th.

Project management students give their community garden presentation in class on Tuesday, May 10.

Amanda Viau, Ashleigh McKimmey, Shanaley Mueller, Joe Zephier  and Joan Christopherson – all in the Business program – were tasked with combining their skills and class objectives into a final project. They worked together as one group, dividing up the tasks according to previous knowledge and experience. Their proposal included costs, equipment needed to excavate and plant seeds, information from our campus director and corporate on limitations of the project, and a schedule for completion. The project and presentation were very thorough, including an estimated budget for the project and what kind of fruits and vegetables they could plant according to the size of the garden.

One reason they see a need for a garden at Globe is to encourage students to eat healthier. With other food options being the favorite on campus (donuts and candy especially), it would benefit all students to eat healthier foods. If the students could grow enough food in the garden, it could also be donated to students and their families, as well as The Banquet and other charities in Sioux Falls.

The proposal is all hypothetical, though. With little time to get the project off the ground, the students simply used this as a theoretical idea for Globe to consider.

“It seemed like we all had our different strengths and were able to take the reins from there. We all just knew a little bit more than everybody else on certain topics,” said Shanaley Mueller, business administration student.

“It was an easy team to collaborate with so nobody felt like if they said something, it would be stupid. I also wish we could have had this class for twelve weeks, so we could have seen if the project could go further. It would have been cool to see if Globe University would have gone for the garden (in real life),” said Amanda Viau, business management student.

“I think our project was successful because we met in class every day, so we were face to face, and were able to hash everything out. I took Project Management at another school, and it was difficult to get everyone to communicate while doing everything online. It makes me wonder about some of the videos we watched (in class) on how projects were completed with people working from different countries and time zones,” said Joan Christopherson, business administration student.

Good job to the five students who worked hard this quarter to see this proposal through!