Globe University-Sioux Falls’s Newest Academic Resource

At Globe University-Sioux Falls, we pride ourselves in our “We Care” mission. We demonstrate this by going above and beyond for our students, staff, faculty, employers and the community we reside in. The newest member of the academic services team at the Sioux Falls campus, Kirsten Palmer, academic coordinator, has a role that is focused on helping Globe University-Sioux Falls students be successful. Being a college student can be a struggle all on its own. Add to that struggle trying to find a balance between work and school, families and other commitments that our students have. Students of today have more going on than ever before. Kirsten’s role is to help that transition be as smooth as it can possibly be and guide them through their time at Globe University-Sioux Falls.

Kirsten Palmer, academic coordinator

Along with her arrival, the Sioux Falls Campus will unveil its new Student Success Center. Kirsten will provide a variety of resources such as workshops, tutoring, technology help and academic guidance through the Student Success Center. The combination of Kirsten’s support and the resources in the Success Center provide new and continuing students the steps towards graduation.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to Globe.

I am originally from Huron, South Dakota, and graduated in 2006. I attended Northern State University for my Bachelor’s in Speech Communications and Political Science and South Dakota State University (SDSU) for my Master’s in Communication Studies and Journalism. While at SDSU, I taught Fundamentals of Speech to incoming freshmen for two years. I moved to Sioux Falls in December 2012 to be closer to my fiancé Doug. We are getting married in September and have a somewhat well-behaved Rat Terrier mix named Barney that we adopted from the Humane Society last year!

When I moved down to Sioux Falls, I began working for Barnes and Noble as the Community Relations Manager. I enjoyed working in a bookstore (a discount on books is dangerous for an avid reader like me) and furthering my professional development, but I missed teaching. I sought out a new position in academia because I knew it would be a better fit for me. I was very excited to join Globe University’s team this year and am looking forward to teaching again this summer!

What is your role, and why is it important?

I am an academic coordinator in the education department here at Globe. This role is important because it allows me to fulfill a wide range of needs for our students. I learn something new in every interaction with students, which makes my job very rewarding.

Kirsten Palmer and her fiance, Doug

What do you like most about your job and Globe?

Although I have only worked here a short time, I have enjoyed watching students grow and learn. Our incoming students are so eager to learn and develop skills for their new careers, and it gives me a sense of pride to contribute to that eagerness.

What do you like best about your role?

I enjoy working with students and getting to know them. I find it very admirable for a student to come back to school in order to develop a new skill set, and I like hearing students’ stories and learning about their backgrounds. I’m always interested to learn why students come back to school and what motivates them to keep going!

Tell our readers something unique about yourself.

I love polka dots! They make me so happy, and I’m always looking for polka dot clothing and accessories. I get teased a lot by my friends and family because they’re slowly taking over my life. My obsession has grown so bad that I made a Pinterest board called “All Polka Dot Everything,” and it’s probably the best thing I’ve done on social media. Don’t be surprised if you see pictures of a polka dot cake from my wedding!