Globe University – Wausau Students Enjoy More Community Involvement

The Wausau area offers many wonderful family events throughout the summer and fall. One of these great events is the popular Rib and Balloon Fest. Thousands of people arrive at the local airport to watch the light show, enjoy amazing food, visit gift and food vendors, and of course, check out the many colorful hot-air balloons. This year’s Rib and Balloon Fest brought in a record number for attendance; roughly 30,000 people came out to enjoy the light show.

ABC (pi) Club members serving soda at the 2015 Rib and Balloon Fest

Khaab Moua, Tiffany Karlen and Katie Syring serving soda at the 2015 Rib and Balloon Fest

Globe University – Wausau‘s ABC (pi) Club volunteered to help at this event.  Katie Palesh, president of the club, said “It was an amazing event; food, music, fireworks, and hot-air balloons, what’s not to like? It was the first time that the ABC (pi) Club helped out at this event, but it won’t be the last!”

Katie was impressed with the  coordination of the various elements of this event, saying, “The planning that went into organizing this event was mind blowing. Lindsey from Wausau Events really outdid herself on this event. It was wonderful being able to work with her.”

The club worked soda sales at the event. They had a front role seat to the hot-air balloons being lit up and got to see two take flight. The smell of food filled the booth during the rib tasting contest. The club members were constantly on the go, filling orders as fast as they could, so the families could get back to their activities. There was never a dull moment!

After their shift they were able to roam around and check out all of the features of this amazing event.

“I loved seeing families sitting on the grass spending time together and laughing, watching the fireworks shoot into the sky, feeling the rumbling the ground. It was truly incredible to see all of the happy families enjoy some greasy deep fried food and celebrate in the 14th annual Rib and Balloon Fest,” said Katie.

Tiffany Karlen, vice president of the club, looks forward to next year, saying, “This event will continue to grow and when it does the ABC (pi) Club looks forward to helping out and making this event successful.”