GU – Sioux Falls Medical Assisting Students Job Shadow at Urgent Care

Applied Learning has always been an essential component to the Globe University-Sioux Falls Medical Assistant program. The best way for students to learn skills in their career field is through hands-on experience. That is why two Medical Assistant students recently job-shadowed at the Avera McGreevy Urgent Care for their Advanced Patient Care class.


Medical Assistant students who completed the job shadow at Avera Urgent Care in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

“On Monday, April 18, I job shadowed at the Avera McGreevy Clinic for an Urgent Care shift. I followed Erica Arends, who also was my Lab teacher. I shadowed Erica during her whole shift, from 5-9. Shadowing someone at a clinic is a great way to see first-hand what goes on in the medical field. It’s nice to put together what we’re learning in class with real-world experience.

I learned a lot from just one night at the Urgent Care clinic. You never know what is going to come into the clinic, so you have to be prepared for everything. I think being able to job shadow while you are still working on your degree helps you to know what you are working for. I think it will help me so I know the basics of how things work at a clinic before I actually start working at one.” said Sydney Jandahl, Medical Assistant student.

“I recently had the opportunity to shadow our instructor Erica Arends in an Urgent Care clinic.  I was excited about this opportunity. I worked for four hours one evening and it was fast paced and busy.  I was surprised at how smoothly everyone worked together to get the job done.  I enjoyed observing the teamwork they displayed in the facility.  It made the work environment positive and relaxed even though we were running at times to keep up.

It was really nice to understand what was going on in the room as we had covered this in class.  I was able to help stock and clean the rooms and I was able to get a good idea of what a night looks like at Urgent Care.   I followed Erica in all the rooms and went with her through all of her steps with the patients.  I got a really good idea of what to expect on a daily basis.  She spent time with me explaining why we did what we did with each patient. Even though I had not put a lot of thought into where I want to work when I am done with school, I found I really enjoyed this setting.

To sum it all up I learned that in the short time of going to Globe University, I have really learned a lot of important skills that will help me when I am done with school.  I feel that due to this training and all of the hands-on opportunities I have while attending classes that I will easily transition into the workforce with confidence in my ability to do this job.  I am so thankful to the teachers and staff at Globe for helping me reach my goals.” said Kisty Triebwasser, Medical Assistant student.

Good job to the students who completed the job shadow! We are proud of your accomplishment and look forward to the work you’ll do in the future.