How Does a Library Develop Its Collection?

Globe University-Wausau campus students have many great things to look forward to in Winter Quarter 2013.  One in particular is that the Wausau campus library will have grown significantly!  Nora Craven, the librarian, recently focused a great deal of time on purchasing quality materials for our library.

libraryThe process of adding materials and selectively eliminating other materials is known to librarians as “collection development.”  While materials are added to the library collection throughout the year, several factors make November a time for the librarians at Globe University to do a great deal of the “adding materials” part of the collection development process.

At this time of the year, instructors can look back at the year to reflect upon what would have been helpful to have and look ahead to consider what their needs will be, while at the same time, holiday pricing from suppliers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble allow Globe’s librarians to stretch budget dollars further.

Globe University is unique among higher education institutions because it not only encourages, but requires, faculty input regarding collection development.  Globe University’s policies require that each program chair select at least five specific items per year for their campus library.

Network Library Director, Erica Nutzman, observes, “Having input from program chairs is critical to maintaining a relevant, useful collection.  They know the current trends in their field and the types of resources students will need in their careers.”

Globe University is also unique in its commitment to providing high quality, growing library collections. Ms. Nutzman noted, “Globe University has shown a great commitment to the library by maintaining a good level of library funding despite financial challenges.  The librarians and program chairs make sure the money is spent wisely to support students in their education.”

Some new materials have already begun to arrive, and students can find these materials on the display cart located near the entrance to the library.  By the beginning of next quarter most of the more than 100 new items will be available in the library.  Students will enjoy dozens of new books, as well as a greatly expanded selection of DVDs to enhance their learning experiences.

By Nora Craven, librarian, Globe University-Wausau