How to Transfer Your College Credits to Globe University

Helping You Get Credit Where Credit is Due

At Globe University, you can get a new start without starting over.

We work with our incoming students to ensure they get the credit they deserve for previous work or educational experiences.

In 2013, Globe University accepted nearly 20,000 transfer credits from more than 650 incoming students, translating to more than $7 million worth of transfer-credit savings*.

Our transfer system also saves students time—the average transfer student received credit for two quarters (six months) worth of classroom time.

For detailed information about transferring credits, call 1-877-303-6060 or contact a college admissions representative.

Transfer Credit Process**

The process for determining which of your previous credits will transfer to Globe University depends on where you are in the admissions process.

If you are not yet officially enrolled, we can get you an unofficial evaluation, which offers an approximate number of transferable credits. You should be able to obtain an unofficial transcript from your previous college.

If you have already enrolled at Globe University, we will provide you with the exact number of credits that will transfer once we receive your official transcripts. You will need to either request that your previous school send an official transcript to Globe University or go through a third-party online provider for a secure transcript request.

Also, remember to request official transcripts from any school you previously attended.

A minimum of 25 percent of a program’s credits must be earned from Globe University in order to earn one of our diplomas, certificates, bachelor’s or associate degrees.

Institutions Accepted

The first thing to check when it comes to transferring credits is whether your previous schooling will count toward your education at Globe University.

We have accepted transfer credits from 365 other institutions of higher learning, but you should check if your previous institution was accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Be sure to check with Globe University to see if your former college qualifies, especially if you received your previous schooling overseas.

We also accept qualifying credits from our affiliate institutions:

Credit for Work Experience 

In addition to simply helping you transfer credits from another college, Globe University also offers credit for certain work experiences.

The best way to determine whether your work experience will qualify for college credit is to review the syllabus for a course that seems applicable.

If your work experience meets 70 percent or more of a class’ objectives, you may qualify for credit for that course.

There is a documentation process involved. You will have to fill out the appropriate forms and secure letters from employers.

Credit for Military Experience

Globe University understands the hard work and sacrifice of men and women in uniform.

That’s why we also offer credit for those who have military experience.

At a minimum, those who were honorably discharged may receive credit for our Interpersonal Relations class for completing basic training.

The number of applicable credits will vary based on your military experience and what duties you performed in the armed forces.

We follow American Council on Education recommendations on granting credit.

A military transcript can be requested from:

  • Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART)
  • Army American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service (AARTS)
  • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
  • U.S. Coast Guard Institute (CGI)

Contact for more information on college credit for military training.

Credit for Prior Learning

Globe University also works with you to determine whether learning outside the traditional college setting can qualify for credits. 

Among the items we review include:

You will have to submit official original copies of the documentation to our academic services department or corporate registrar.

Globe University Credits Good at Other Colleges

If you’re wondering whether your Globe University coursework can be applied at another college, contact that institution to see which classes you can get credit for.

However, we do have articulation agreements with certain schools. Articulation agreements indicate that a student can take credits and GU/MSB and be eligible for credits at one of the institutions listed below. You’ll want to contact the academic services department for specific program information:

  • Brown College: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • ITT Technical Institute: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Kaplan
  • Colorado Technical University
  • St. Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • Capella University: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Remember that credit transfer is always at the sole discretion of the receiving institution.

Saving You Time and Money

Ensuring your credits transfer from your previous college saves you both time and money. 

Even if it has been some time since you last attended school, your education may still apply to your time at Globe University.

Be sure to review all your earlier work, education and military experiences, and we will work with you to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

For more information about credit transfers, call 1-877-303-6060, or contact a Globe University college admissions representative.


*Transfer credits awarded to students beginning at Globe University during the 2012-2013 academic year.

**Globe University awards transfer credits based on the guidelines found in the transfer credit section of the Globe University course catalog.