If You Don’t Ask, the Answer Is Always No

Recently, Globe University-Wausau met with a video crew on campus who was filming various students and faculty members for a potential television commercial. One of these students, Katie Heisler, a student ambassador in the business program, took some time to speak with me about this experience.

How did you find out about this opportunity? What was the process like?

business program

Business student Katie Heisler talks about her experience filming a potential commercial.

I found out about this opportunity from a campus-wide email from Andrew Carson who is head of the marketing department for Globe. I didn’t respond to the email right away because I didn’t believe I had a chance of receiving the opportunity for an interview.

One night while I was working in the library, one of our faculty members approached me and asked if I had responded to the email. I answered no. The faculty member was the person who convinced me to respond by saying to me, “How will you know if you don’t respond?” So I took a chance and completed the survey that was attached to the email.

What kinds of questions did they ask you?

They asked me about how my journey at Globe has been so far. They wanted to know my favorite class and my least favorite part about my program. They asked about the classroom setting and how the iPad has been so far with my classes. They asked what inspired my decision to come to Globe. I answered that I wasn’t sure what I wanted after high school, and then my mom got sick so it took me awhile to apply for school.

One day I stumbled across Globe and discovered that they were involved in the community. I’ve always volunteered, so I chose Globe because they were just as passionate about giving back to the community as I was.

What was the day like? Any funny/interesting incidents or events?

I was extremely nervous all day up until my interview at two in the afternoon. I was in class that morning and they just finished interviewing my instructor. They came into class to take pictures and get some footage of him teaching. My instructor told them I was one of the students that would be interviewed, so they stayed longer to take pictures and film me in the classroom setting, which made me even more nervous. It caught me off guard and I didn’t have time to prepare.

It was an overall fun experience. I think the hardest thing for me was trying to smile on demand, and then when I did, it felt awkward. The camera crew would say something funny or make me do something goofy to catch me off guard and get a genuine smile.

Did anything you talk about that day make you look at your experience at Globe differently?

It never changed how I viewed my experience at Globe, but was just another milestone in my experience that made Globe even more amazing than what it already was to me. Globe has been the place where I’m crossing things off my bucket list left and right. This experience was another one of those things.

Did anything you talk about that day make you look at yourself differently?

No, not really, but I was able to educate the marketing people that came to campus about the different clubs and events that our campus participates in. They seemed genuinely impressed with everything I told them about. Our students have some opportunities here that they don’t have at many other places.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I would like to share something that I told them during my interview. I told them that Globe was more than a school because it feels like a family. Our instructors and faculty members want to see us succeed, so they will help with anything we need. Our instructors and faculty members know us by name—not by a number—and they make us feel welcome. Even instructors I’ve never had classes with know my name, and you just can’t get that at other colleges.