Is Being a Graphic Designer or Web Designer a Good Job?

Graphic design, web design, good job yes or noNo! If you just want a job where you work a 40 hour week and then go home, this is not the career for you.

If you don’t want to carry the baggage of worrying about deadlines, keeping clients happy, and knowing you are responsible for the color, design, and copy, then look elsewhere.

A job is what you do to earn money; a career is who you are.

If you enjoy seeing your work on store shelves or billboards, on the internet, or in a newspaper or magazine… Welcome! If you want a rewarding career where you can affect thought, consumer purchases, or provide a public service… Welcome! If you want a lifestyle where you notice details most people miss, where you see things most people overlook, where your eye is attuned to every color and type face… Welcome! If you want a career where you think and look and do everything with an artistic eye… Welcome!

Be prepared to work hard and love every minute of it. Be prepared to feel good inside when your design is selling a product or the next Senator. Be prepared for scrambling to meet deadlines. Be prepared for working two hours past lunchtime and not even realize it.

Your logo design may be the identifier for that company for the next 10 years. (Look at any major brand such as McDonald’s.)

Your design may make the difference in the success of a new product. (Look at any Apple iPod packaging.)

Your web design may attract more customers to your client’s website then any print advertising could. (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Is being a graphic designer or web designer a good career? You bet it is!