Leadership and Self-Awareness Development Key to Career Success

Globe University–Minneapolis was recently host to two guest speakers discussing the impact business leaders have in their community, and how developing leadership self-awareness can increase career success.

Ted Vickerman, financial associate for Thrivent, shared with students how to develop the leader inside to support making a positive impact on their communities. Ted and the students discussed how to discover their passions and talents and use them to make a lasting impact. Ted Vickerman

“These students are an amazing group of brilliant future leaders,” Vickerman stated.

“When one knows who they are and uses their gifts to improve things and people around them, great things happen. Others will seek these leaders out to enhance their purpose. This is leadership and generosity in action. I look forward to watching the great things this group of students is capable of doing,” he said to motivate the students.

Ellen Hinrichs, owner and president of Career Enhancement Options, Inc., spoke to the students about self-awareness as the key to reflecting, adapting and engaging with others to increase success. Hinrichs led the students in a DiSC (Dominance, influence, Ellen HinrichsSteadiness, and Conscientiousness) exercise; a technique used to identify personal traits and styles, and how to use individual traits and styles as professional strengths.

“I truly enjoyed interacting with the students and watching them get so engaged in the small group discussions,” Hinrichs said.

About the speakers

Ted Vickerman is an associate at Thrivent Financial; he helps provide product- or issue-based solutions utilizing a values-based approach to preparing for a solid financial future. He is an active participant in many community and nonprofit organizations including Habitat for Humanity, which has a partnership with Thrivent.

Ellen Hinrichs coaches and trains leaders to think and act like CEOs through focused dialog and competency building workshops.  She is certified in numerous assessments including DiSC, TKI, Covey, StrengthsFinder, and Achieve Global, and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), specializing in leadership and career development

Post written by Angie Norbeck, Dean of Faculty.