MSB-Rochester Accounting Student Counts Job Offers Before Graduation

For Logan Everson, going back to school needed to fit his lifestyle and help him achieve his goals. He decided to go back to school to get his bachelor’s degree after changing his mind about his career path.

Everson initially wanted to own a bar since his parents successfully ran once since 1997. He said as he progressed through school in getting his associate’s degree, he decided he didn’t want to be a bar owner. He eventually went off into the retail world and became a store manager. However, he soon realized he wasn’t doing what he really set out to do.

“My wife and family wanted me to pursue school again, as I wasn’t completely happy being just a store manager in retail. They were my support and driving force,” he said.

That’s when Minnesota School of Business came along.

Everson said he choose Minnesota School of Accounting, MSB RochesterBusiness – Rochester for its wide range of programs, flexibility, and environment. He attended the accounting degree program and was hired three months before graduation.

“Minnesota School of Business did an excellent job of finding my interests and placing me in the right program. It explained how it was easy to maintain a job and have a flexible schedule with day and night classes,” he said.

Everson took classes both on campus and online. He said he enjoyed taking classes on campus and said he felt like he learned more from the teachers because they taught from real-life experiences. He said online was a good option for his schedule.

“Every teacher I had for my classes was either an adjunct teacher or a full-time teacher who has real-life work experience within the field. The classes started with lower levels to teach you basic accounting practices. The classes progress and become more challenging as they build on previous classes,” he said.

Everson credits one of his instructors, Charley Martinson, for helping him reach his graduation.

“He always brought energy to the class with starting off with current events. He brought challenging lessons each day. He wanted to make sure we were understanding information and not just doing the work to get by,” he said. “I will always remember entrepreneurship class as he challenged our final project. But it was a great learning experience to always be prepared. Charley always challenged me to be more out spoken in class and more talkative, and I am thankful as I think its helps me in my new work environment,” he said.

MSB_RochesterSometimes it’s a small world. Everson said his current boss was an instructor of his at  Minnesota School of Business. Everson said he was able to display his knowledge of accounting practices and ability to focus on multiple projects.

Everson said he was offered three jobs before he graduated. He said he accepted a job at D&R Star Vending, Inc. in Rochester in September 2015. Everson said MSB made him feel prepared for any style of job that he could run into whether  it was work in public accounting, a public company, or even a nonprofit organization.

“From day one, I felt comfortable with everyone as I toured the facilities and meet a lot of the staff. I was challenged from the start by having to process various tasks within the accounts receivable department. Now, as time has passed, I am moving on from the accounts payable department, and learning more aspects of the company’s accounting department,” Everson said.

As for some advice to other accounting students, Everson said to ask questions until you understand the concept.

“Accounting isn’t just math. It’s about making sure debits equal your credits. Every concept building off one another. Once I reached advanced accounting, it becomes so challenging,” he said. “Every class you take might have some direct correlation to your future accounting job, but don’t take it for granted.”

IMG_0419Everson said now that he has completed school, his ambitions are to enjoy life.

“I love my job, and I can say I haven’t felt this way about a job in about three years. Co-workers can make or break a job, and I will never forget that,” he said.

Everson and his wife are finally going to take their honeymoon this year, and he said he is also going to be taking part in two of his best friends’ weddings this fall.

But Everson said he isn’t done just yet. He plans to go back for his master’s degree in hopes of him becoming a certified public accountant.

“My life up to this point has been eventful. Minnesota School of Business made me seek ambitions in life and set goals to challenge myself,” he said.

If you are well-organized, like working with numbers and computers and are a good communicator, consider earning a degree in accounting. At Minnesota School of Business, accounting programs emphasize hands-on training. As a graduate, you will have employer-requested skills, and, depending on your program, be prepared for various accounting certification exams.

For more information about accounting degree programs, career outlooks or our college, call 1-877-655-7676 or contact admissions.