National Library Week Takes Over Wausau Campus,Titanic Style!

Recently, libraries all over the United States celebrated National Library Week. National Library Week (NLW) is an annual observance that celebrates the contributions of libraries and library workers and promotes the use of the resources of the nation’s libraries. At Globe University–Wausau, the library offers many resources for our students, staff and faculty, and we celebrated these resources in style with events for everyone in the library, and the return of the 3rd Annual Titanic Survivor Games.

Katie Syring poses with the delicious National Library Week cake

Katie Syring with National Library Week cake

While the Wausau campus library is rarely the stereotypical quiet library, during National Library Week, it most definitely is not. Throughout the week, there were activities that everyone could enjoy. One of those activities was Game Day in the Library, which coincided this year with National Library Worker’s Day. Those who participated in Game Day were also able to enjoy a slice of a beautiful cake in honor of our hardworking student assistants donated by Student Ambassador Katie Syring.

For those who were willing to brave them, the 3rd Annual Titanic Survivor Games kicked off with a “puzzling” challenge. Challenges continued throughout the week, and included a variety of activities. Some of the challenges incorporated iPads, apps, and library resources. Teams raced neck and neck all week, entering into the final challenge with the top six teams separated by a mere four points!

However, Team Heavenly Destroyers won a decisive victory in the much anticipated artifact excavation on Thursday afternoon, and thus claimed the coveted title of 2014 NLW Titanic Survivor Games champions.

“National library week was the best week I’ve had at school since I started,” said Katie Syring, Heavenly Destroyers team member, of the experience.  “The challenges were fun, and I learned a lot too! I’m looking forward to next year.”

Deb Feldbruegge and Katie Heisler of Team Threesome agreed. Deb said, “I had a lot of fun participating in National Library Week. I was on a team with two other students. We had to work together to get the challenges done every day. It was a great team building exercise, and it sparked the competitive streak in everyone so it brought staff and students together. Nora did a great job organizing this yearly event.”

Katie said, “It was great to mingle with students from different programs and work in a team setting. I would definitely do it again.”

Nikki Kassien, of Team Integrative Smurfs, added, “On-campus events, like the one Nora Craven our librarian put together for National Library Week, make our campus so fun. It gives the students a break from the daily routine, and allows us to blow off steam.”

Heather Holzem, Globe University-Wausau’s new community manager, also joined in on the festivities. “Being part of team ‘Davy Jones’ Locker’ was a fantastic way to get to know my new colleagues!” she said. “I got to do everything from word searches, Titanic trivia and digging for hidden treasures at the artifact excavation. I also discovered I can color a mean Easter egg!”

NLW culminated in closing ceremonies reception featuring the awards presentation and snacks, desserts and punch. All students who participated in the 3rd Annual Titanic Survivor Games will receive fully punched Dare to Get Involved cards. The winning team received “trophies,” two fully punched Dare to Get Involved cards and gift certificates. Due to serendipitously planned shopping expedition which resulted in a buy one get one free prize, two random drawings were held with the lucky winners receiving a Pot of Gold. (Sadly, it was the candy, not actual gold.)

As NLW reminds us, we are all lucky when libraries are well staffed and well supported. The ready access to resources and information allows all of us to win.

By Nora Craven, Globe University-Wausau Campus Librarian