New Fish Tank Makes Library Even Better

Thanks to donations from the vet tech club, the library at Globe University-Appleton received a fish tank last quarter. The vet tech club, managed by vet tech program chair Rebecca Lange, had been contemplating putting a fish tank in the library for its soothing and calming effects, especially during midterms and finals.

vet tech

“What began as a fundraiser and a request for donations is now a reality,” said Rebecca. “It started as a team building activity and has since become an animal care activity. The students are responsible for taking care of the fish tank which can now be enjoyed by everyone who visits the library.”

The campus librarian, Michelle Karbon, is also excited about the fish tank, saying, “I wanted to give the students more reason to choose the library as a place for their quiet study time and for relaxing. There are many ways I try to keep the library open and inviting and this is a great addition!”

Studies show that watching fish can reduce blood pressure.

According to Bob Vetere, director of American Pet Products Association, “An increasing number of offices, classrooms and homes are being equipped with aquariums. Watching fish contributes to stress and anxiety reduction, relaxation and even leads to enhanced creativity and learning environments.”

The type of fish is also important when having a fish tank. Colorful and active fish are more likely to strike interest than fish that blend into the background. There are many types of fish in the library fish tank: three different types of barbs, a tiny snail, an algae eater and even a small shark! All of them are loving their new home.

The tank will be maintained by members of the vet tech club and any additional donations are still welcome. There will be a naming contest in the future for the shark with prizes involved.