Staff Spotlight: Who is Stacey Lilla?

Stacey Lilla is that smiling face that lends us a hand when we hit panic mode while registering or when we struggle with problems that arise with online or residential classes. She is the person we can count on to help find a solution, no matter how busy her schedule is.

Stacey Lilla, Dean of Students, greets a visitor to her office

Stacey Lilla greets a visitor to her office

Stacey Lilla has received a promotion to become the new dean of students at the Globe University-Wausau campus. What does this mean exactly? This means that Stacey will still handle anything that deals with students and their education, and she will be available to help students find the resources they need in order to be successful. She will help register students for classes and help with any problems we have with our classes. She was asked what she was most looking forward to being the new dean of students. Her reply was being able to interact more with the students and getting to make those “tough” decisions that arise.

Stacey’s new title doesn’t mean she won’t be around. She will actually be around a lot more, helping students with any questions and concerns while still doing her other job duties with registration and the online coordination. “I want everyone to feel comfortable coming to me with questions/concerns so I can assist in achieving their own goals that they have set for themselves,” Stacey said.

When Stacey has time away from campus and her busy schedule, she enjoys taking walks, playing volleyball, and hanging out with her friends and family. But Stacey always strives to make life a little easier for the students, so when a problem arises, don’t hesitate to contact her. She will always make time for the students at Globe University. She will be a mentor, a faculty member, and most importantly, a friend to her coworkers and the students that attend Globe.

“I’m excited to watch all the students grow as they begin their journey with Globe University and to chase their dreams,” Stacey said. “Watching each student walk across the stage at graduation is such a rewarding experience.”

By Katie Heisler, student ambassador, business program