Stepping Up to the Plate

Step up to the Plate, higher educationContributed by Wesley R. Escondo, Campus Director Globe University – Eau Claire

Baseball legend, Babe Ruth once said, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”  That thought has never been so applicable than now when Americans are questioning the feasibility of higher education.  In an economy such as ours, millions are faced with the fear of striking out professionally and financially. Millions of people question whether pursuing a degree is worth it.  Will they ever step up to the plate?

Consistent in sports, the effort and practice that players put into their craft has a direct impact into the amount of wins and losses they will experience.  This player mentality holds true for students as well in the fact that education is not a spectator sport.  Students must be able to retain new information and apply it in order to win.  Students can impact the course of their degree program directly with persistence and a strong commitment to honing a skill.

Like baseball, the season of higher education is long and often arduous.  Baseball players train to keep themselves healthy and performing over a 162-game season, much longer than any football, basketball or hockey schedule. In the same sense, students must develop crucial habits and routines such as managing time and effective note taking to keep themselves healthy and performing from an academic perspective.  There is no doubt that starting a degree program strong is absolutely crucial. However, overall GPA is not built on the first few classes.  The ability to obtain a degree comes from consistent mastery of new information that was once thought foreign. What is different is that batting .500 will not earn an A in an academic arena.  Knowing that the performance within the classroom hits much closer to home than any baseball game allows our education system to demand excellence.

Higher education also sees its share of trades in the form of transfer students.  The needs of students are constantly evolving, and life circumstances will often lead students to venture to new institutions.  It’s important for students to investigate and fully research the schools they intend to transfer to though.  Not all schools are the same and evaluation of credit differs from institution to institution.

Pursuing a degree is truly a team effort.  The student signs on to play a position and execute to the expectations of his/her team and teammates.  To the team, globe university, higher educationstudent, teammates are family members that take on additional roles and responsibilities.  They are professors who coach and mentor to enhance the student’s skill and knowledge.  Teammates are also fellow students who want to be surrounded by other individuals who share the trials and tribulations of higher education.  They are upperclassmen who tutor others and impart advice knowing all too well the difficulties of balancing work, life, and education.  Globe University staff and instructors go the extra mile to support our students on their path to success.

The United States Census Bureau reports that only 30.4% of Americans hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.  That 30.4% represent the few who did not allow the fear of striking out to deter their efforts.  They stepped up to the plate, touched every base on the way and ultimately scored. The same opportunity exists for those still undecided to play in the game of higher education.  Regardless of hazard, the first step is to step into the batter’s box and take the swings.