Students Help Local Organization Providing Shelter to Homeless

Where will I sleep tonight? Will I have a bed and a pillow? These may seem like silly questions to many of us, but for others, these are real questions they have to ask every day. Homelessness isn’t just an issue that affects people in other countries; there are homeless families right here in Dane County.

Students assembling bookcases.

Students assembling bookcases.

This is the reason Shelter from the Storm Ministries was created. Shelter from the Storm Ministries is a Sun Prairie-based organization that provides community services to address homelessness in our area.

The last two quarters, Globe University-Madison East students have worked to help Shelter from the Storm Ministries through a series of service-learning projects. Last quarter, students in the Professional Communications class and students in the Project Management class worked to assemble bookcases for Shelter from the Storm Ministries to be placed in family housing units. The Professional Communication class provided labor assembling many of the shelves while acting as a test group to the Project Management class who created written, oral, and video instructions.  Additional bookcases were donated to be sold as a fundraiser.

Kaitlynn Rehdantz, Mikaela Arneson, and Samantha Golliher man the bake sale to raise funds for Shelter from the Store Ministries.

Mikaela Arneson, Kaitlynn Rehdantz, and Samantha Golliher man the bake sale to raise funds for Shelter from the Store Ministries.

This quarter while students in the Global Citizenship Class were learning more about global issues such as women’s rights, access to clean water, global crime, and education in other countries, they decided they wanted to raise awareness of homelessness. The class organized a bake sale to raise funds for Shelter from the Storm Ministries. They sold baked goods on two separate days in the student commons on campus while also showcasing their global issues presentations.

“It is interesting to see how we take for granted such small things like water when to others, it is not easy to come by,” said medical assistant student Mikaela Arneson whose project focused on access to clean water.

If you are interested in learning more about Shelter from the Storm Ministries, please check out their website at