The Ultimate Checklist for Success in a College Class

college successThe thought of completing a college class can seem overwhelming, but with proper preparation and planning, you can set yourself up for a positive experience throughout your degree program.

Consider the below checklist for tips to finding success in your college classes.

Before the Term Begins:

☐  If you have access to a class syllabus, review and determine any questions you have for the instructor.

☐  Review which textbooks or eBooks you will need for the class.

☐  Check your student email for any specific instructions that may come from your instructor.

☐  If you are attending a large college, determine where you class is located and the best way to get there.

First Week of Class:

☐  Introduce yourself to your instructor.

☐  Ask the instructor any questions you have about the class syllabus.

☐  Get to know your classmates. This will make it easier to identify classmates to work with in the future.

☐  Get organized by determining how you will take notes (notebook, laptop, etc.) and keep a designated folder for class documents.

☐  Add all established assignment due dates, testing dates or other important dates reflected in the syllabus to your planner.

Throughout the Term:

☐  Attend each class section to avoid falling behind.

☐  Participate as much as possible. You will not only get more from the class, but you will show your instructor your dedication.

☐  Review your class notes each week.

☐  If you have questions about what you are learning, don’t wait to ask your instructor for assistance.

☐  Ensure your planner is updated each week to help you manage your time most efficiently.

☐  Attend study groups set up by your instructor or fellow classmates.

☐  Consider seeking out a tutor if you need extra assistance. Some colleges have resource centers for students.

☐  If you know you will be unable to attend class on a future date, connect with your instructor right away to determine if you can complete assignments ahead of time.

☐  Keep distracting devices, such as cell phones or tablets out of sight during class.

After the Term Ends:

☐  Stay in contact with your instructor; they may be able to serve as a career resource to you.

☐  If your class materials are only available online for the duration of the term, consider printing them off for future reference.

☐  Create a system for filing your notes; they may come in handy in future classes.

☐  Before selling or donating textbooks, determine if they be of benefit to future classes you are planning to take.

While each instructor structures their class their own way, they want to see their students succeed. If at anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, be sure to connect with your instructor or advisor to determine the appropriate resources.