Tips for Writing a Final Paper

It’s that time of the quarter when final papers or projects are due. Globe University-Woodbury campus Professional Communications instructor, Brenna O’Connor, shares her tips on how to write and submit a quality paper or final project.

“I believe that good writers have the potential to earn more and rise to higher levels in their organizations.  While many college students often dread writing assignments, those that consciously view them as an opportunity to improve their writing skills can maximize growth and learning,” said O’Conn0r.

According to O’Connor, students are often stressed out when it comes to writing assignments because they are worried about either their grammar, grades or quality of the overall assignment. Therefore, she put together a formula on how to ensure your final project or paper you are submitting is something you are proud of.

Tips for Final Paper/Projects:

  • Always use SpellCheck.
  • Read your paper from beginning to end, slowly, looking for potential issues.
  • Submit a draft, or several drafts, of your paper through the Smarthinking online writing center.  You can easily access this wonderful resource by simply clicking on the tool link that is on the left side of your CampusConnect course.  There, follow the prompts and browse your computer to submit a draft of your paper and receive personalized feedback in less than 24 hours.  Improve your paper, and submit it again for more feedback before submitting it to your instructor.
  • Take two printed copies of your paper to your campus’ resource center, if you are nearby, and read through it with one of the resource center staff members.
  • Beg, borrow, or bribe a friend or family member to sit down and read your paper with you.  They don’t have to be a grammar expert to identify areas that aren’t “just quite right.”  Then, you can take it from there.
  • READ your paper once more before handing it in.

“The ultimate grade comes later – from the credibility that students earn from future employers, customers, and co-workers,” said O’Connor. “For this reason, assignment feedback and grades are critical components of student learning and career success.”