Transfer Credits Made Easy

transfer creditsMany of us attend more than one college in pursuit of our educational goals. In fact, it is estimated that one third of all college students switch schools at least once before graduating.

Maybe you fall into this category. The question then becomes: Will I be able to transfer credits from one institution to another?

At Globe University, you can rest assured that our skilled academic services department will get you all the credit you deserve. In the year 2013, we accepted nearly 20,000 transfer credits from 650 students, averaging 30 transfer credits per student!*

Transferring credits not only saves you money, but it saves you time. Our average student saves six months worth of class time by transferring credits, allowing them to pick up where they left off at their previous institution and be that much closer to graduation.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to do is obtain copies of your transcripts from previous institutions. These can either be official or unofficial transcripts depending on your enrollment status.

If you’re not enrolled yet and just want to get an idea of which credits will transfer, send us an unofficial transcript from your previous school(s) and we’ll provide you with an estimate of your transferrable credits.

If you’re already enrolled, send us an official transcript from your previous school(s) and we’ll provide you with an exact number of transferrable credits.

It is important to remember that in order to earn one of our certificates, diplomas, associate or bachelor’s degrees, you must take a minimum of 25 percent of the program’s credits from Globe University.

Institutions Accepted/Affiliate Institutions

We accept transfer credits from hundreds of schools, particularly those that have been nationally accredited by agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

We will also accept transfer credits from our affiliate institutions:

– Minnesota School of Business
– Broadview Universitytransfer credits
– Duluth Business University
– Institute of Production and Recording
– Minnesota School of Cosmetology

Articulation Agreements

An articulation agreement is just a fancy way of saying that we have partnerships with other institutions that help make sure your credits transfer from here to there, and vice versa.

However, it should be noted that the receiving school still gets the final say in determining which credits will transfer.

We have articulation agreements with the following schools:

 Alder Graduate School, Minneapolis, Minn.
 Argosy University, Eagan, Minn.
 Capella University, Minneapolis
 Colorado Technical University
 Concordia University, St. Paul
 Herzing University, Minneapolis
 National American University
 Northwestern Health Sciences University
 St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

Credit for Work and/or Military Experience

Our goal is to help you achieve your educational goals, not to have you repeat concepts you’ve already learned outside of the classroom.

transfer credits

If you think your work experience meets at least 70 percent of a course’s objectives, you may be eligible to receive credit for that course. Your academic advisor can help you complete the appropriate paperwork for getting work credit. You may also need to request letters from employers.

If you served in the military, you could be eligible to receive course credit based on your specific experiences and duties performed.

We follow the recommendations outlined by the American Council on Education for granting credit.

For more information regarding getting college credit for military experience, email

Credit for Prior Learning

Like other types of transfer credits, Globe University works with students to determine whether or not any outside learning could qualify for course credit.

We evaluate official, original documents to determine prior learning credit eligibility, including:

– Documentation of professional training
 Documentation of coursework earned at other institutions
– CLEP test report
– DANTES test report
 AP test report

For more detailed information about transfer credits, call 1-877-303-6060 or contact a college admissions representative.

*Transfer credits awarded to students beginning at Globe University during the 2012-2013 academic year.


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