Why Being a Full-Time Student Pays Off

Globe University, credit loadWith the excitement of registering for classes at Globe University may also come anxiety for some students who struggle with the commitment of taking a full-time vs. part-time course schedule.

We understand that students have jobs, families and further obligations that hinder them from taking a full-time schedule, but for those who are able to take that full-time course load, it’s worth it.

“Graduates who took a full-time (12+) credit load had a job placement rate of 82.1 percent, opposed to graduates who went part-time and had an average placement rate of 75.3 percent,” said Mitchell Peterson, Globe University’s director of institutional effectiveness.

Not only does taking a higher credit load prove to help with job placement, but it also helps in the following ways, according to the Globe University-Woodbury campus full-time students and Campus Leadership Team (CLT).

Taking a Higher Credit Load Helps Students:

Complete their degree faster and get into their chosen career field.

“The benefit of being a full-time student is that you can get your degree done faster than you would as a part-time student,” said Ashley Parker, paralegal degree student at Globe University-Woodbury. “When I took my associates degree I only attended part-time and it took a lot longer. Therefore, I figured when I came back to complete my bachelor’s degree, I would try to see if I could handle full-time, and it works out really well for me to balance work, school and family life, and knowing that I get done that much sooner motivates me to do it this way too.”

Save money over the course of their program, which leaves them with less debt after graduation.

“I chose a full-time schedule because I can get a certain amount of money taken off of every credit if I take 12 or more credits,” said Brittany Andrew, business administration student at Globe University-Woodbury. “That way, as a full-time student, I will end up not paying as much after I graduate as a part-time student would.”

Become more immersed in the program because they become better connected with the faculty and their peers.

“I love taking 16 credits because at the end of the quarter I feel accomplished and a little closer to the graduation,” said Kristina McMahon, business administration student at Globe University-Woodbury.

Stay current and up-to-date with industry trends within their program.

“A full-time schedule allows me to be able to graduate on time with the set layout of my degree,” said Seth Dixon, engineering drafting and design student at Globe University-Woodbury.  “I’m also graduating much earlier than most other schools with similar degrees as mine, and that gives me an advantage when trying to find a job.”

Retain the information better.

“I feel like if a student went part-time they may have a hard time focusing on what they have worked on in class and may forget what they have learned if they don’t get to their homework right away and/or take good notes,” commented Alysha Westphal, accounting and tax specialist student at Globe University-Woodbury.

We Challenge You:

Now that you have heard the benefits of taking a full-time course load from other full-time students, we challenge you to give it a chance when it’s time to register.

Required academic advising for quarterly registration is conducted during weeks 5-8 of each 11-week quarter, according to the Globe University/Minnesota School of Business Student Handbook.

“I chose to attend full-time because it was the quickest route to my goals,” said Deena Damico, health fitness specialist student at Globe University-Woodbury. “Attending full-time also keeps me focused on school and focused on my future career. It’s exciting to see how much closer I get to my degree by taking a full course load each quarter.”

According to Damico, “Globe University has made it easy to go to school full-time because of the flexible class times offered, as well as convenient online classes.”

To contact the Globe University-Woodbury Education Department for further registration information, call 651-730-5100.