Why Summer is the Best Time to Tour a College

Campus tours are an exciting part of the college planning process. Campus tours offer you a glance at what your “college life” would be like if you attend a particular college. For many people, summer is a great time to visit college campuses as their schedules are more open and the opportunity to travel becomes more feasible.

Check out these reasons why summer can be the best time to tour a college!

college tourMore personalization

In some cases, summertime offers an opportunity for prospective students to set up a more personalized experience while visiting a campus. Because the number of classes being held are generally fewer during summer, instructors and staff at a college are likely to have less appointments on their calendars. If you’re interested in setting up a time to meet with the chairperson of the degree program you are looking at or someone in charge of a campus student group, be sure to request these types of meetings when setting up your campus visit.

Additionally, some areas of the campus that may have otherwise been in use could be accessible during summer months. Classrooms or labs that are busy during the traditional school year may be open for you to visit in the summer.

Less crowded campus

While it can be exciting to see the bustle of college students rushing from one class to another or study groups meeting at the library, campus tours in the summer can create a calmer and more relaxed experience that can be ideal for a campus visit.

In addition to creating a quieter environment, a less crowded campus can also make it easier for you to explore the college beyond your official campus tour. The less activity going on, the more likely you will be able to explore without feeling as though you are getting in the way of campus activities. It can also be easier to approach staff who work in different areas of the campus such as the library or resource center. These staff members, who may have otherwise been busy speaking with students, can answer questions you may have about the facilities.

Nice weather

Depending on the type of college campus you are visiting, weather can play a major role in how much you enjoy your visit. For colleges that sit on a large campus, which requires a good deal of walking, summer weather can be ideal.

Even if you are visiting a small college with one or two buildings, nice weather makes it much more enjoyable to explore the neighboring communities that you will likely spend much of your time if you consider to attend a particular college. There is usually a number of activities you can participate in during the summer months.

You can even turn your college visits into a mini-vacation. Whether it is a day trip to a college just a few cities away from your hometown or a cross-country road trip to look at dozens of colleges, why not make a vacation out of your campus visits?

Use your college visits as an opportunity to experience a campus and get your questions answered, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. The college you decide on will become a big part of your life for several months or years depending on your program of study and should be a place you enjoy spending your time.