Architecture and Environmental Literature

Architecture Drafting and Design

Windbell from the Studio and Workshop of Paolo Soleri

Concern for our planet with regards to our increase in population coupled with declining natural resources is on the rise. Architecture once again has taken the forefront in rethinking urban and architectural design with sustainability in mind. The Architectural Drafting and Design program at Globe University is no different! Green building technology and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) concepts are incorporated into the curriculum.

This is not a new topic however. With a myriad of books and experts speaking on the topic, one individual stands out to me who has an incredible grasp of our future and I highly recommend reading his work. His name is Paolo Soleri! If you are interested in reading about his philosophy I highly recommend The Urban Ideal and the Mind Garden, two exceptional books. The image is a cast metal bell I purchased during a visit to his studio and workshop. My next trip to Arizona will include visiting Arcosanti and possibly attending a week-long workshop Arcology, the process of architecture and ecology.

The proceeds from the sale of windbells through the Cosanti Foundation fund his research community Arcosanti in the desert outside of Scottsdale Arizona. Stop back for future discussions on architecture and sustainability!