Architecture and Medical Administrative Assistant Programs Collaborate

Students in Globe University-Woodbury’s medical administrative assistant (MAA) and medical assistant (MA) programs joined forces with Globe University/NTI School of Technology’s architectural drafting and design (ADD) program to design a medical office. MAA and MA students got to offer ideas for their dream medical office, on everything from size of the space and number of staff, to where the desks are located and what the reception area will look like. Medical assistant student, Carson Jones, said, “we really appreciated them listening to our ideas, even the little things, like adding a fish tank!”

medical administrative assistant

(L-R: MAA student Carson Jones, MAA student Cynthia Ramirez, ADD student Tyler Gelbmann)

Heather Scavo, architectural drafting and design program chair spoke of this idea, saying, “this collaboration is something we can hope to build upon in other levels of our ADD program. It is so vital for our students to be able to speak intelligently to clients and feel comfortable doing so.”

Once the design was completed, the ADD students presented the final project to the MAA and MA students. Architectural drafting & design student, Tyler Gelbmann, said, “The collaboration with the medical students is something new and exciting. We’ve never done a project with such detail before, and this will truly help in our career.”

Medical assistant program student, Mai Yang, agrees, “It was very interesting how thoughts and ideas can go on paper and software, come out in 3D, and eventually get built. It was an awesome experience.”

Medical Administrative Assistant Program Chair, Heather Makowske, was pleased with the final outcome of the project, saying, “it was great seeing my students realize the influence they can have on a project.”

Both program chairs agree that this was a great opportunity to cross-purpose our programs and get our students interacting.