Architecture Drafting and Design & Massage Therapy Join Forces to Design Spa Retreat

Globe University-Woodbury’s architecture drafting and design (ADD) program and massage therapy program worked together to design a spa retreat. ADD Program Chair Heather Scavo and ADD student David Eichler met with a massage therapy class for a consultation to learn what they were looking for in a spa retreat. Scavo and Eichler took their ideas to the drawing board where they produced a floor plan and design concept to propose to the massage therapy class.

Massage students looking at samples for the spa retreat design. From left: Samantha Koss, Gordon Syszko and Tammy Fischer

“I love how Heather brought all of our ideas to life in a floor plan,” said Samantha Koss, massage therapy student. “Her ideas will definitely help me design my own massage business in the future.”

Gordon Szyszko, massage therapy student, commented that working with Heather was an outstanding experience because it allowed him to think about how he could work with an architect in the future to create or design his own spa in his home and/or in his own business.

“I enjoyed seeing the different floor plans,” said Tammy Fischer, massage therapy student. “I also loved picking out the tranquil colors scheme and comparing them to pictures of other spas. This project really made me start thinking about what I would want for my own spa design.”

Architectural Drafting and Design Program:

The ADD program is a 2-year degree that provides an excellent foundation for positions including CAD technician, structural drafter, cost estimator, residential design technician and architectural drafter. Instructors have experience in the field, and courses are taught from a practical, hands-on perspective.

According to both Scavo and Massage Therapy Program Chair Sharon Pollock, a project like this is an excellent example of how the ADD and massage therapy programs give students hands-on practice within their industries.

Massage Therapy Program:

In the massage therapy program, a student can earn an associate degree or diploma that will provide technical hands-on training that will broaden a students’ skills and business background so they can work in a medical facility or even start their own practice like some of the students’ goals above.