Architecture Program Asked to Design Local Building

Architectural Drafting & Design (ADD) Program Chair John Hartman and ADD student David Eichler with the local Historical Society

NTI School of Technology Globe University Architectural Drafting and Design Program Chair John Hartman and independent study student David Eichler in the architectural drafting and design program were asked by a Twin Cities municipality to assist them with the renovation and re-purposing of an existing building for the local Historical Society.

Throughout the quarter Hartman and Eichler will take field measures of the existing structure, create as-built drawings, listen to the Historical Society and create a renovation plan that meets their needs to include their museum and archive collection.

“Field measuring and documenting the building in order to create drawings made me feel like I was already an architectural drafting and designer,” said Eichler in reference to how applied learning is such an important aspect of the educational process.

With a design solution established, they were able to create the construction drawings to include a mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) model, as well as a basic project estimate, which satisfied the learning objectives in the Commercial Construction Drawings II and Building Systems courses.

“I’m very impressed with the progress of the project that our team is making. Considering the fact that at the beginning of week four we have field measured the structure, created full AutoCAD 2-D drawings, produced a complete Revit model and have the project out for bid!”

The proposed model Hartman and Eichler designed

According to Eichler, he had a bit of trouble converting 2-D AutoCAD drawings into Revit structural drawings at first, but is happy with how the model turned out (see image on the left).

“All in all I’m starting to get the feeling of what it’s going to be like working in the field, and I’m very excited about graduation,” said Eichler.