Architecture Students on Scaffolding

Friday made for warm weather, full sun and a successful day at a construction site.  The NTI – School of Technology/Globe University Architectural Drafting students volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity site, experiencing the reward of service learning and expanding their knowledge of construction materials and processes.

The work accomplished included sheathing an exterior gable end wall, installing 1/2″ rigid insulation, and placing 3 large roof trusses applied house wrap to the exterior.

Our day began at 8:30 with an overview of the Habitat for Humanity organization, work needed to be completed and most importantly, work site safety.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity completes between 55 to 60 home within the metro area annually.  Each owner must complete 500 hours to qualify for the down payment and a zero percent interest mortgage based on construction material costs only.  We were fortunate to be able to work with and beside the owner of this current project in the southwest metro.

Architectural drafting students found great value in spending time at the construction site handling all the materials and construction processes that they use in their construction drawings.  Hands-on training at its best!

At the end of the day, the feeling besides tired was that future volunteer efforts must be scheduled.  If you have any questions about volunteering or future architectural drafting student efforts with Habitat for Humanity, please stop by the Architectural Lab 228 at the Woodbury Campus.