Building Architectural Connections via Networking

By John Hartman, NTI School of Technology Globe University Architectural Drafting and Design Program Chair

drafting, Networking Students in the Architectural Drafting and Design program at Globe University-Woodbury attended the 78th Annual Convention & Exposition for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Minnesota. Students and their instructor were able to speak with architectural firms, engineering firms and manufactures regarding the latest trends and technologies in their field of study.  Valuable connections were made with key network industry professionals. 

Career and professional development centers on networking. Networks today must be broad yet active. The profession of architecture and building construction by nature is an extremely broad industry.  Successful careers don’t have to center on architectural firms solely.  Rewarding architectural drafting and design positions within the building material technology and suppliers are extensive.

Some notable technology advancements explored were: Philips Gardco LED exterior lighting with a conversation with Architectural Lighting Designs, Inc., Machine-roomless elevators with a presentation by OTIS elevators representatives and most enjoyably, daylighting sustainability with the staff of Solartube.

Employment opportunities in the future were made stronger by conversations with company representatives from significant industry leaders like Robert Rippe and Associates, Hanson Building Products and CAD Technology Center to name a few.

Upon returning to campus the conversation continued with sorting of valuable classroom product and company literature collected along with many pens and architectural scales.  If you are interested in learning more about the AIA and knowledge gained from the valuable and successful field trip.

The AIA is a non-profit association for architects with three local chapters: AIA Minneapolis; AIA Saint Paul; and AIA Northern Minnesota. The goal of AIA’s annual convention is to cultivate internal and external relationships to better engage and support current and future architects of Minnesota.