Fall 2008 CSWA Results

To the participants of the NTI fall 2008 CSWA testing completed on Monday October 20, 2008.

I have blogged several times about the CSWA exam but this time we had a group of people who completely annihilated the national passing average.  NTI had 12 of 13 students pass the exam and 3 perfect exams.  Those individuals are Jordan Lewis, Bill Jugovich and Nick Mickalek. 

In my course, I attempt to relay the importance of being able to quantify what you say.  Passing this exam is an example of being able to quantify your statement I know how to use SolidWorks Comprehensive 3D Design software.  Yesterday 12 people attained an industry recognized certificate that also helps them to quantify their skills.

For those of you who chose not to take the exam I am a little disappointed.  You came to NTI to get into the exciting and rewarding career of Product Design and Engineering Technology.  I work tirelessly to find new ways to help you set yourselves apart from other graduates in this field.  This exam is one opportunity for you to do just that.  You need to take every opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors.

You will find in this field that their are many different certificates to be attained that will set you apart from your colleagues.  Those who take the initiative to prepare for and pass these certificates will find more rewards to come.  Those who chose not to take that kind of initiative will get left behind.

With new innovations, technology and the every present global economy, we can never think we are no longer students.  If you are not learning you are falling behind and an exponential rate.  Over  the last year I can tell you that I have learned at least 5 new things a day.  Some of those lessons are taught to me by the students.  Others are from the research I have done to prepare curriculum that will engage a majority of my class.

Anyway, (enough soap box), I really want everyone in our building to congratulate our CSWA’s.  There are quite a few here now.  The new CSWA’s: Wayne Borden, Jenna Powers, John Henneman, Arlan Jobe, Sean Stoeckel, Issac Roberts, (One of the Gesch Brothers), Cory Christofferson, Carl Monson, Jordan Lewis, Bill Jugovich & Nick Mickalek.  These folks have earned my respect.