Free SolidWorks Software for Engineering Drafting and Design Students

Engineering Drafting and Design degree (EDD) students at Globe University are now eligible for FREE SolidWorks software. Students in the EDD program use SolidWorks for the first three quarters of the EDD program and are now eligible to download the SolidWorks Student Design Kit (SDK) free of charge. The SDK for 2012/2013 is a 12 month license for personal education use that includes the standard SolidWorks software, Animation functionality, Libraries, and eDrawings. Check out the SolidWorks Student Access data sheet for more info.

SolidWorks is a staple in the Mechanical Design industry worldwide and according to our Program Advisory Committee (PAC), one of the market leaders in the region. It should also be noted that in past years the SDK was only a 150 day non-renewable license and quite a bit more limiting than the current 12 month license.

Even though all hardware and software is supplied for use in class, this gives our students the ability to work on their own outside the classroom and gain extra practice using SolidWorks without spending their hard-earned money on more software. The SDK lets our students complete their assignments anywhere and at any time and also prepare for certification exams. Hardware requirements for SolidWorks are a little more stringent than most office applications but newer computers should be able to run the software.

One of the features available in the SDK but not in the professional versions of SolidWorks is the ability for students to share files with their Facebook friends. This is going to be a handy tool for students to use while working on team projects.

Overall, this is exciting news for our Engineering Drafting & Design students.