Made in the USA: Part II

The next day of our three day long field trip earlier this month began with a trip to the design facilities of Kuryakn makers of accessories for Harley-Davidson, Honda Gold wing and Metric motorcycles, in Somerset, Wisconsin.  Even though many at the company were attending the Sturgis bike rally, our students still had a great time looking at the motorcycles and talking to drafters and designers about their jobs another place that has NTI alumni.  Just down the street, then, we visited SMC – Scientific Molding Corporation which has grown from a plastic molding machine in a red barn to a corporation with 10 global facilities and plans to add 100,000 square feet to the Somerset headquarters.  Students from NTI spoke with tool designers about making the tools for the plastic injection molding machines and watched animations using Solidworks to simulated factory automation. Although we have no alumni at SMC they seemed very interested in what NTI has to offer.

Without even time for lunch, we then headed to Wyoming, Minnesota to Rosenbauer Firefighting Technology.  Our students were excited to see the facilities that produced Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon’s “Sentinel Prime” truck.  We did not see the Hollywood celebrity, but we saw many fire trucks and airport rescue vehicles that were being made to be shipped all over the world.

From there we traveled to St. Cloud to stay the night at the Holiday Inn.  The students were excited to have a night away. There they had access to swimming pools, basketball, volleyball and bonding with classmates.

Early the next morning we were off to New Flyer. New Flyer is the largest manufacture of city buses. They are also the largest manufacture of green technology incorporated in there buses. Compressed natural gas and hybrid diesel power being the biggest sellers.

The last stop of our trip was to Orluck Industries. Orluck is a machine shop that specializes in medical, and aerospace products.  Here students got to see the importance of quality drawing and models  in part design.  They also got to see how there drawings are used in final inspection to assure parts meet print. Something that is stressed through the training at NTI.

Overall it was a very enlightening and exciting trip for both the facility and students. The students got to see how there degree earned will be used to create new and innovative products in a variety of industries. Companies also got a chance to network with our students that can perhaps grow into future companies that benefit from our program at NTI.

Thank you to the many companies that allowed us to visit!

This blog was contributed by Todd Bade.  Todd is a current engineering drafting Instructor at NTI, highly proficient in Pro-Engineer software. When he is not teaching drafting, Todd loves spending time with his family and friends on their camping property in western Wisconsin. He has worked as an accomplished designer in various fields including medical and telecommunications and has been awarded numerous design patents.