NTI’s 1st CSWA training report

It has been a long, fast and furious week here in room 159 at NTI.  I held the 1st Certified SolidWorks Associate Exam prep course with what ended up to be 4 outstanding individuals all with a common goal, to get help to earn an industry recognized certification from SolidWorks Corp.

In 12 hours these alumni were introduced to, worked with and built up knowledge required for the CSWA exam and a knowledge of how to take the course.  Class started at 4:30 pm and ended 7:30 pm Monday – Thursday.   These alumni also showed up and utilized NTI’s CAD labs before class to work on the subject matter we reviewed the evening before.  These folks put a lot of effort into this course and I really appreciate that kind of effort.

I poured my guts out to help them succeed on this exam in one week.  These folks worked even harder.  Kudos to you four.  With this kind of effort you will succeed in whatever you do.

Today we took the test and I am proud to announce that Cortney Gamlin and Thomas Hardenburgh successfully earned the CSWA certificate.  The other two will attempt the certification again in 30 days but will be working with me between now and then to increase their knowledge of SolidWorks.   I will ensure that the second attempt will be successful! 

For those of you who are looking to add another certificate to your belt contact Dan Podzimek at ext 111 for the next training dates and time.  Dan is a new instructor here at NTI who is not only a Certified SolidWorks Professional but also the head of the Minnesota SolidWorks User Group.  He and I are tag teaming this certification class and I believe compliment each-other extremely well.

It is time to beef up the resume and load it with industry recognized certifications to put your resume at the top of the lists.

I look forward to meeting alumni in the future who accept the challenge of this course and exam.  Good luck to all the NTI alumni.

Chris MacCormack