SolidWorks World 1 – Travel Day

And so the journey begins. 

Commandment 1 – I am your classroom lord and wrathful God of education and I will always lead your from the front, not the rear.

Throughout the past 10 weeks we have worked together to ensure that we are prepared, we research, we solve problems, we engage the team we have created, we make things simple….

Over those same ten weeks I have been preparing for two 1 hour presentation of a worldwide audience.  Your research presentations were based on the style of research that I used to make these presentations.  I triple checked criteria to ensure that I had all of my notes in order, that my presentation would fit 45 minutes and would fully engage the audience.  Throughout both of my presentations I will be the expert, that being said I will use my audience for about 30 minutes of my time.  They will answer questions, they will provide feedback, they will share experiences and best of all they do not even know it.  Knowing that I am going to present 2 topics to anywhere from 50 – 150 people from all over the world I had to do my research.  Oh, and by the way that is 2 hours of being in front of those people.  I need to ensure that I am at the top of my game.  My preparation included research from when I began my career at Northwest Technical Institute.  I listened to and heard the students day by day.  I am using my experience with you all as the premise for my GD&T presentation.

Many of you experienced the pain and suffering I went through to make my presentations come to life.  Commandment 4 – I will punish thy minds because the more thy struggles in training the lest thy bleedest in industry. 

The preparation for this event is grueling, stressful and rewarding all at the same time. 

The stressful part is making sure all of my plans are set.  Hotel room, flight, schedule as well as making sure I do not end up in San Diego with only a pair of boxer shorts. 

Reward comes from some doors that have opened up for me in the last couple of weeks and doors that I am working on opening up to the students and alumni of Northwest Technical Institute.  I am hoping to meet and line up opportunities that reach beyond the borders of the Midwest.  I am hoping to schedule peoples time to visit the school and discuss what their companies do and where student like you would fit into their organization.  Last but not least – the greatest reward is knowing that I worked hard to make a great product that will not only teach something but open up great discussions where everyone can participate and create a moment of exponential knowledge.

More to come from San Diego.