SolidWorks World 2 – Saturday

Even though the conference has not officially started yet, I have been incredibly busy.

Beginning @ around 10 am I met with Richard Doyle, who passes his condolences to my semester at NTI.  Actually, he expressed again how fantastic it was that the second semester students are dressed to impress.  We had a great discussion on this point with the theme that in the USA every individual has every right in the world to tattoo themselves, pierce what ever you want and look however you please.  It is nice to be in America.  However, that being said potential employers also reserve the right not to hire you.  If you attend an interview and they feel you do not look the part, no matter how good you are they may pass you over for someone with less talent but more fashion sense.

Next up was alpha testing for the COSMOS group.  Due to the fact that I signed a non-disclosure with my students lives at stake I cannot detail this out for you.  I can say, I know that I am teaching students extremely valuable skills and shortcut that will pay off in industry with productivity increases and more work in the graphic interface.

Finally I closed the night with Vince Adams, Hari Padmanaban and many other COSMOS stars.  It is always very humbling to be in the presence of mathematical genius much like hanging with Mr “D”.   Dinner conversations ranged from product discussions (which went right over my wife’s head) to complaints that the San Diego Chargers should not have to play in 20 degree weather.

Vince Adams, who visited the NTI campus last year, spoke very highly of our program to his associates.  We discussed some opportunities about how our students may help COSMOS and visa-versa.  For those who are not aware the COSMOS group is head quartered here in California.  Several of the gents I was dining with were very excited to here about our program and wished there was something like NTI in CA.  (Mr. Fossen are you listening? Ha ha ha ha.  Cheers!.

Well, time to get more networking done.  Students should check out the SolidMentor blog site.  Much like the yahoo forum this blog can provide tech support within 4 hours by some of the industries best. By the way, I spoke with several of the SolidWorks Bloggers yesterday and they all enjoyed the answer to Wesley’s turning and broaching question as much as I did.  hoo hoo hoo haa haa haa.   Al kidding aside, they are very anxious to help you all succeed not only in school but in the workforce as well.   Keep posting, asking questions and offering up your own experiences.  I t will pay off.