Using AutoCAD for Drawing Patterns for Stained Glass

AutoCAD Architectural Drafting

AutoCAD generated pattern for my first Stained Glass Project

People enjoy their  hobbies or wish they had one.  With my Associates Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design I have always been fascinated in cathedrals and large cathedral stained glass windows.  The greatest example being the Rose Window which I was blessed to stand in light of as the magical multicolored sunlight stream though this massive southern window of Notre Dame in Paris.

Upon my return I decided stained glass windows are going to be my hobby.  With a quick stop at my local library I looked a couple of how-to books on the subject.    My first project was to be a 30 inch diameter window of the Lutheran Seal.  This window was to be gift for my fathers pastoral office.  With an idea of the pattern, I used AutoCAD to draw my pattern.  Pattern in hand I was off to the stained glass supply store to get what I needed to build this window.

The skills, supplies and tools are certainly not great in number or cost.  The two skills are  glass cutting and soldering.  The four supplies include stained glass, copper foil, flux and solder. Finally, the tools needed were a glass cutter, grozing pliers and a stained glass solder iron.

Architectural Stained Glass Drafting Pattern

Halfway done!

Use AutoCAD to draw any image imaginable.  Resize an existing image by getting permission and insert the image as a raster image and size accordingly. Using the draw tools create your pieces and remember to leave a 1/16″ between parts for the foil and solder.  Cut your glass, copper foil the edges, flux and solder.  Turn the piece over and solder the reverse side!

As I mentioned, AutoCAD can create any image and can be mastered quickly.  With simple AutoCAD commands you can start to create you own stained glass windows.  If you would like to see an AutoCAD demonstration please contact me at the Woodbury Campus!  Look for other hobby projects where AutoCAD was utilized in future blogs!