Vikings Stadium Architecture?

architecture design and drafting

Image from StarTribune

Architecture is always subject to personal opinion.  While some may say that the newly purposed Vikings Stadium is a monstrous addition to the downtown Minneapolis skyline, others may say it speaks clearly to the glory of modern architecture.

Great pride in civic architecture also brings with it great pain-financial crisis.  Yes…financial crisis! Although it takes close to $1 billion dollars to build great architecture, it also means a great cost to Minnesota residences!

In total the proposed Minnesota contribution to the project is &498 million dollars.
At a time when K-12 education is greatly underfunded, Minnesota roads
and bridges are in disrepair, and as a country we are falling behind in
technology, I wonder if it’s the best way to spend taxpayer dollars?   Regardless of the financial piece, this will be great architecture and a tribute to the design
and building trades!

Obviously, the public funding for the Vikings stadium is not a new topic.  Nation wide, cities and states have been funding privately owned professional athletic teams.  In Minnesota, we have already assisted in the funding of Target Field and the Xcel Center.

TCF Field, which is a true testimony to green architecture also stands proud to the glory of Minnesota architecture. But what a waste for such a great structure to remain unoccupied most of the year.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if we built one structure that met the needs of all of our privately owned professional teams?

Whether it may or may not be great architecture, we can all agree that building it is not cheap!